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Wood stove for the out-door


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Although avant-garde, this is meant to be the site of a small craftsman, with a passion for life in the open air and for his profession,  metalworking, where ingenuity and dexterity lead the way. 

inserted in this reality since 1998, in two different companies of the sector, it was possible to create a personal company,
where ideas become drawings and where drawings become reality.

Combining the two main passions, after 2 years from the original idea, passing through the drawing, the reality has arrived.

A wood-burning stove for camping, for mountain lovers, for hikers, for all people love being in contact with nature, who play sports in contact with nature, who like to stay overnight in contact with nature,
the"DIEMMELINE Stove", compact, elegant, perfect, Italian.


Encumbrance closed
Width 23 cm
Lenght 40 cm
Height 30,5 cm


Cured in the amallest details


The endowment of the essential accessories for its functioning enclosed in itself 


Design and quality

Made in Italy


DIEMMELINE offers a light and resistant wood-burning stove, entirely produced in stainless steel and completely handcrafted.  

Made in the Marche hinterland, the beating heart of stainless steel manufacturing, this stove is perfect for outings and for   people who need a compact product complete with everything needed to start, or prolong an outdoor experience.

  The stove is equipped with a front door with ceramic glass, which will allow you to monitor the flame but above all it will                create a warm atmosphere, both in a tent and outdoors.

                     The door can be easily removed allowing an easy and complete cleaning of the stove before closing it.                                 The intake valve located in the lower part of the door allows for optimal regulation of the air flow, so as to increase or                                                                         decrease combustion according to your needs.                                                                     

    The grate inside the combustion chamber ensures that the wood burns uniformly, it will also allow you to remove the ash              while the stove is on thanks to the use of the scraper supplied, but at the same time you can also decide to remove it if            you need a larger load of wood, moreover the sliding friction of the same, can also be adjusted by slightly screwing or unscrewing the control knob, even arriving at locking in a preferred position.

The flue system, also supplied, with male/female coupling, extendable as desired up to a height of 220 cm from the ground,            ensures an excellent constant draft.

The strong legs, with a height of 10 cm, can be adjusted separately during use to ensure perfect stability on uneven floors, moreover they can be folded inwards to facilitate the transport thanks to the smaller size; the fixing system made in stainless                                                                                        steel ensures excellent stability.                                                                               

The upper plate, thanks to the high temperatures it can reach, offers the possibility of cooking, placing pots and pans on it.     

On the sides there are 2 sturdy shelves that can be used to place pots, cups, or simply to hang small clothes or even wood to            dry, and they also act as comfortable handles during transport. 

  Its low weight of only 8 kg, the folding handles on the top, and all the removable components (flues, scraper and grate) that                    can be stored inside the combustion chamber, make this product extremely compact and easy to carry.

Thanks to the material used, entirely 304 stainless steel in all components, and 316 stainless steel for the flues, this stove is not afraid of corrosion in any way, it can be washed, even immersing it in water, it can stand in the rain, it can remain outdoors, it is eternal.


Product  Portable stove
Material   Stainless steel 304
Flued  DN60 Stainless steel 316 L rigid sectioned
Weight  8 Kg 
Length  40 cm
Width  23 cm
Closed height  30,5 cm 
Mounted height  220 cm 
Use  External

The supplied accessories

5 x 36,5 cm Push-fit pipes
1 x 29 cm Push-fit end tube
1 wood support grill
1 ash scraper

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